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Here’s to friends you see every day and relatives you see once a year. Here’s to loud laughter, late dinners and “spirited” debates. Here’s to getting dressed up (then finally sitting down) with your absolute favourite people. And here’s to three families in particular — a couple, a group of friends, and a mother/daughter — who chatted with us about how they holiday together, family style.
Enzie and Enga Mother and Daughter
What things — sights, smells, images — come to mind when you think of the holidays with family? Enzie: Cinnamon. The smell of apples and cinnamon really does it for me. Enga: I would say the food. Whatever’s being cooked, I’m there for. We’re Haitian, so we really go all-out on the holidays.
Charlie, Dylan and Jake Friends/Sisters
How do you spend time together as a family? Dylan: We definitely spend a lot of time at the movies. Charlie: And frankly at the bars. Dylan: And frankly at the bars, yes. Jake: And dancing for sure. Dylan: Yes, literally dancing.
Celeste and Valerie Wife and Wife
What’s the best present you’ve ever received? Valerie: It was from Celeste, and it was a camera. I love taking pictures of our family moments and being able to relive those moments later. Celeste: I used to live on a ranch, and one time my grandparents surprised me with a baby chick. To this day, it’s my favourite gift I’ve ever gotten.

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